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Heritage Lottery Fund

In 2010 the group decided that in order to have the best chance of fully realising our ambitious  objectives, and also considering the fact that very little archaeological investigation has been conducted in the Southern Vale of York, the group should apply for funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund(HLF)- Your Heritage. In addition, the group had started working closely with North Duffield Community Primary School encouraged by very receptive staff at the school and the group wished to develop those links to their fullest potential.

The group received invaluable assistance from Dr Jon Kenny and had numerous meetings to fine-tune the application. The process starts with a Pre-Application which outlines the Project and allows the National Lottery Team to comment upon any aspects of the Bid.  This Pre-Application was submitted in June 2010.  From this, the group received encouraging comments and constructive advice  in July 2010 and, together with the information contained on the HLF website the group finalised  the Bid and submitted it  in March 2011.

In June 2011 the group learned that the application had been successful and that the group had been awarded  £25,700 for a Historic Landscape Project over a three year period. The total Project costs, with volunteer match funding and non-cash contributions, amounted to £42,000.

Within this Project, the group contracted to  deliver:

a test-pit evaluation in residents gardens;

re-construct an Iron Age roundhouse as an educational resource;

create an education pack based on Iron Age life to compliment Roman elements of the         National Curriculum for use in North Duffield Community Primary School;

hold a re-enactment  and History Fair on the village green utilising re-enactment groups           again based on the Iron Age and Romano/British period;

hold an end-of-Project event in the village hall with a keynote speaker to report on the            results of the three year project;

throughout the life of the Project to conduct standard fieldwork involving field-walking,         geophysical survey and targeted excavation;

to create a reference collection of vernacular pottery for use of other local Societies;

to produce a printed Report of results and conclusions both for academic and local         consumption, entry into archaeological journals and the Heritage Environment Record.

Furthermore,  the group are very keen to awaken the interest of local people and introduce them to archaeology, especially school children, to create a resource to allow the continuation of the Project into the future, protecting our local Heritage for future generations to enjoy.

“ The Project has now ended. An extension was granted from the original end-date of June 2014 to the end of August 2015 to allow for the results of the 2014 excavations at Park House Farm(See under ‘Excavations’) to be finalised and post-excavation analyses to be completed.

The End of Project forms and accounts and supporting documents and photographs were submitted to the Leeds Office on 24th July 2015  and the final payment under the scheme, of 10% of the total, was awarded.  This money has now been spent in its entirety allowing us to produce 400 copies of a book reporting on the Project from its outset. Please see elsewhere on this site for details of how to obtain your copy of the book.

The book was printed by Quacks, of Grape Lane, York and is an entirely appropriate place to have the book printed as it started life about 1700 and has been printing continuously ever since.

If you want to know what we have been doing, what we have discovered and a lot more about the history of the village, then this book is a 'must'.