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The Society wishes to acknowledge the following people without whose patronage, membership, effort, support and cooperation the society would not be flourishing:

Frank Underwood, the inspiration behind all that we do

John Ellwood, Chairman

Tony Stevens, Secretary

Eileen Crisp, Treasurer

Brian Elsey, Archaeology Co-ordinator

Members of the Society past and present

Elaine Ward, for many years Head Teacher at North Duffield Community Primary School

Andrew Russell Head Teacher, North Duffield Community Primary School, and all the teaching staff past and present

Dr Jon Kenny, York Archaeological Trust

Hannah Baxter, York Archaeological Trust

Cath Neale , Steve Roskum and Tony Austin, York University and students past and present

North Duffield Parish Council

The Heritage Lottery Fund

Mark Buckley(licensee of the Kings Arms) Chairman and the members of the Ash Duggan Committee

John Bramley, farmer for supply of willow for the roundhouse

Richard McNeil for supply of thatching materials for the roundhouse

Brian Burgess, web master, designer and photographer

Plasmore Ltd for supply of clay for the roundhouse

Natural England for supply of timber for the roundhouse

Anyone who has not been mentioned but who has contributed in any way to the Society, its management and activities.

To you all a big Thank You.


Since we were awarded a Heritage Lottery grant, we have worked towards sharing our projects in the community and the wider archaeological and historical community, and an integral part of our strategy was to create a web site.

We appointed TPM++ to create and manage our site- and we have been delighted with the support we have received and the results speak for themselves. Since the website went 'live' in June 2012 there have been 1653 people who have made 2286 visits to the site viewing almost 9000 pages in the process. (Data as at 14th March 2013)

Furthermore, the servicing and continuing development of the site by TPM++ ensures that we stay up-to-date, continually monitoring, revising and improving. With the help of TPM++ we now have a better understanding of  how web sites work, and thus, to maximise our exposure. The responsive service we get is excellent, keeping the site up to date.

We continually strive to add good, relevant content, in a structured manner.

Feedback received about the web site, and the analysis of visitor trends supports our belief that our choice  of TPM++ was well founded.

Hidden Context TV - Revealing the Past in the Present - Community Archaeologist of the Year, Dr Jon Kenny, presents short films revealing the archaeology, history and heritage of Yorkshire. Each week we will bring you a couple of short films, some will stand alone and some will be episodes that build into longer programmes. 1066, The Battle of Fulford is brought to you as a series of 11 short films that together form a 45 minute feature telling the story of the 2015 dig at Germany Beck, York. This part of the world is brimming over with places of historical importance so there is no shortage of suitable subjects for us to cover.