The North Duffield Conservation and local History Society (the Society), incorporating Archaeology North Duffield (AND), through the website, store the contact details of all visitors who volunteer their contact details by contacting us. Our policy for the use of this data is as follows:

1. We (NDCHS/AND) will never forward or supply any personal details to any third party without the express permission of the person to whom those details belong;

2.  Persons who have asked to be included in the distribution of the Societies’ newsletter or to be included on our mailing list for information about current or future events will have their email address retained for the purpose of distributing the newsletters and similar Society mailings. A person can request to see any information and details that we retain at any reasonable time. They have the right to have any or all information that we hold about them deleted immediately without having to give a reason.

3 The details of people who contact us by any means and who voluntarily supply their contact details to us who have not asked to be included in the distribution list will have their details retained so that should information arising from the visitor’s particular enquiry become available, that information will be forwarded directly to the visitor concerned unless they advise us to the contrary.

4. Contact details retained under any of the above headings will be deleted at the end of the project or circumstance for which they were collected unless the person concerned requests that they should be retained.

5 The Society aspires to be entirely compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 and this privacy statement replaces the privacy statement that was in place prior to the coming into effect of the new regulations.

6 The Society applies stringent on- line security procedures to guard against unlawful or accidental access of digital data by maintaining up-to-date security software and regularly changing strong and effective passwords. The Society will never, knowingly, compromise personal data retained on any of its computers or tablets.