RESOURCES heading text:-

Included under this heading can be found the following forms and guides for use in an excavation or test pit investigation.  North Duffield Conservation and Local History Society is happy for other Community groups to make use of these forms either as templates for or to create their own forms. The Society would be grateful if you would acknowledge our involvement should you chose to use them: please click on an item to view:

Test pit investigation methodology

Test pit advisory kit list

Test pit Context recording card

Instructions on completing the Context Card

Excavation Plan Recording sheet

Excavation Photographic Recording sheet

Excavation Finds Recording sheet

Environmental Soil Sample Recording sheet

Field walking

Site Records Reconciliation sheet

Reduced Levels Recording sheet

Pottery identification Guide (Copy write - Cambridge University)

Also included here are the following:

Finds tables from the Big Village Digs of 2011 and 2015 and the Big School Digs (2011-2014inc)

The roadside verges management leaflet(North Yorkshire County Council)Road

Side verges census results for North Duffield

Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association for the Society.

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Newly published Report on the North Duffield Historic Landscape Project. Read the fantastic results of the Archaeology investigations that trace the history of the origins of the village back into the Neolithic period more than 5000 years ago; work with the local schools and the reconstructed Iron Age roundhouse that we have built.

Many photographs.

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The new book is an illustrated history of North Duffield from prehistoric times until the present

Many photographs.

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