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This page is intended to signpost you to the resources on this site that we are making available for your use. In most cases these resources are FREE for you to download and use for whatever purpose you wish. We do, however, ask that you acknowledge the source of the items as being the North Duffield Conservation and Local History Society’.

Test Pit Methodology

The purpose of this Section is to make available to interested parties, the forms and procedures adopted for the test-pit survey.  This section of the resource is free to download.

Education Pack

We have created an Education Pack for use in Primary schools. This Pack introduces children to Life in the Iron Age and includes many practical tasks, projects and teaching elements that invites the children to consider what it might have been like to live in the Iron Age.  The National Curriculum(History) starts with the Roman Invasion and therefore this Pack will take the children back further in time by several hundred years.

This is an extremely large file but, we would be pleased to supply either a hard copy of the Pack or a DVD at a cost of £10. The original file is specifically based around North Duffield but, should you be interested, a generic file can be supplied to you either for download or on a DVD with all local references removed so that you can adapt it to your particular area.

The original Education Pack is free to download but is 'water-marked'.