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Using the funds made available from the Heritage Lottery Fund grant, the Society has been able to build up an extensive collection of equipment and experience in everything from Field-walking to excavation that allowed us to complete our various tasks within the programme. It will allow us to continue with our investigations well into the future at minimal cost other than general maintenance and replacement of damaged/ worn out equipment.

The Society is happy to make this equipment available to other like-minded groups on loan. This will mean that any group wishing or considering to start a programme of their own will not have the huge cost of equipment to consider at this very early stage. This list is added to from time to time but, essentially, everything you need is here to allow you to :-

Conduct a test pit survey

Take part in field-walking

Conduct a full-scale excavation

Survey existing archaeological features

A book of guidelines is also nearing completion on how we conducted each of the above plus a number of other processes that might be intimidating to a newly formed group such as, how to access and process LiDar data, how to digitise plans, how to conduct a test pit survey or field-walk and so on. We had to learn the hard way and I am particularly grateful to Brian Burgess for his endless patience in instructing me in many of these processes.

Many groups have already availed themselves of this offer: all we ask is that you note the provisos  on the list( see clickable pdf accompanying this page). Briefly, this means that anything you lose or damage must be replaced unless you make a donation to our Society funds and we gratefully  accept such donations to our funds. We also ask that you recognize the Society in any Reports that result from the loan of our equipment.

Brian Elsey will be happy to discuss your requirements so give him a ring on 01757 288939 or email him at or use the contact details elsewhere on this website.