There is an ongoing, informal project underway which is looking into how the verges on the roadsides should be managed for biodiversity most effectively, and meetings have been held with various specialists, and organisations, including the Parish Council, Matt Millington, Biodiversity Officer of the NYCC, and Dr Margaret Atherden, a retired lecturer from York. A full report on progress to date can be found in the downloadable  Appendix A and Appendix B.

Dr Atherden has just published a book, "WILD FLOWERS ON THE EDGE" , a copy of which has been  signed by the author and is now available to view or borrow. It has photographs of all the  flowers that may be expected on a healthy verge in different areas and North Duffield has a mention on Page 82 as a Parish verges are being managed properly.

A leaflet on verge management can be downloaded here.

Dr Atherden and members of the Society and Parish Council conducting the grass verge survey (above and below)

Planting Bulbs on the A163

Planting Bulbs on the A163