The objects for which the Society is established are for the Public benefit:-

         i) to encourage a greater interest in and understanding of the local environment;

        ii) to guard against unsuitable development, protect historic buildings and

            conserve the character of the village;

       iii) to oppose the abuse of country lanes by unsuitable traffic;

       iv) to protect and plant trees, hedges and woods and to encourage a varied flora and  


        v) to conserve the river, streams and ponds;

       vi) to secure the clearance of litter and rubbish;

      vii) to further the maintenance and promote the proper use and establishment of public

           footpaths and bridleways;

     viii) to research into local history;

       ix) to safeguard common land;

        x) for the purposes aforesaid:

            a) to diffuse among members of the Society and the general public, information on all

                matters appertaining to the objects of the Society and to print, publish, issue, sell

                and circulate such papers, periodicals, books. circulars and other literary

                undertakings as may seem conducive to any of the objects of the Society;

            b) to promote and encourage the objects of the Society by means of  tours, rambles,

                excursions and the like;