The Society is active in the fields of archaeology, conservation and local history research. Regular monthly meetings take place in the village hall between September and April with speakers followed by refreshments. To view the aims and Articles of Association click on ARCHIVE and to learn more about these activities, click on the menus to the left. The calendar to the right shows the dates of future events.

VERGESClick here to learn about the verge management scheme which aims to improve the bio-diversity of the roadside verges around the village.

MILESTONEClick here to see how we renovated and re-sited a very dilapidated local milestone.

OUSE AND DERWENT PROJECTClick here to learn about our exciting new Heritage Lottery funded archaeology project in North Duffield, Hemingbrough and Wheldrake.

VILLAGE MODEL –Click here to see the model of the village,lovingly created by Tony Stevens, showing how the village may have looked in 1839.

ROUNDHOUSE-Click here to learn about our reconstructed Iron Age roundhouse.

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Get to Know North Duffield


North Duffield Conservation and Local History Society (the Society)  was formed on 10th December 1984. It adopted Articles of Association on 3rd December 1986. To view Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association click on the titles. And OFFICERS OF THE SOCIETY

The current Chair, John Ellwood, is the only founding member still actively involved in the Society.

A small but active membership collected a great deal of documentary evidence gathering together an archive of original documents from local people, copies of documents held in the Borthwick Institute, York and County archives at Beverley and elsewhere. Most records were held in the East Riding/East Yorkshire area since that was the administrative authority covering the village until boundary changes in 1976, when responsibility fell to North Yorkshire. They also started a photographic archive which now consists of thousands of images and is constantly being added to as old material comes to light and new contemporary photographs are taken to reflect everyday life in the village. Copies of any of our photographs can be supplied at a small cost.

During the early life of the Society it also recorded some audio and video interviews and footage of local people and some of the fast disappearing local farms in co-operation with the BBC as part of the Millennium Project.

In due course a booklet was produced regarding the history of North Duffield. Entitled 'Ducks Crossing', it immortalised the signs in the village erected to warn drivers of ducks commuting from the pond on the village green to a second pond on the other side of the main street, on private land. Sadly, the sign had only limited effect as the ducks could not read any better than some drivers.

The booklet proved very popular locally and out-sold several re-printings.  No copies remain for sale now although members hold their own copies. It is quite possible that an additional copy could be created should anybody have need of one.

The Society holds regular meetings in the village hall at 7.30pm on the third Tuesday of every month from September to April and visits to places of interest during the summer months. No meeting is held in December. The Annual lunch is now held in January, usually on the third Tuesday in the month.  Membership is currently £5 per annum. New members are always welcome.

The Society is affiliated to the Council for British Archaeology and York Timeline Plus, a group of history and archaeological societies.

As the Society grew in numbers it broadened its horizons and continued research increased the knowledge and expertise of many of the members of the Society to the point where a new, more detailed and up-to-date book on the history and origins of the village is in process of preparation for presenting to the printers. Some funding has already been obtained but more will be needed to cover the cost of printing. Motivation behind this new project was largely down to Frank Underwood, another founding member and now sadly deceased, who, late in life, obtained a degree based upon the field systems of North Duffield, a signal achievement for a senior citizen. He was the long-term Secretary and driving force until his death.

The Society is an open access organisation welcoming new members irrespective of their age, sex, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation or ability. The same inclusivity to any event that is organised by or for the Society.

Most recently the Society has started to investigate the origins of village archaeologically and a sub-group, Archaeology North Duffield(AND) was formed.  To view the archaeology section click here



Hereby advise you of our gatherings and invite you to join us for the fascinating, informative guests who come to share their tales and knowledge.

10/03/24 Researching family history – pt 1.

16/04/24 Janet Patrick her family history and the Skipwith family history.

21/05/24 George Donkin- local railways

18/06/24 tbc

16/07/24 Dulcie Lewis, Yorkshire Puddings

24/08/24 possible outing to be arranged.

17/09/24 Researching Family History Part 2

15/10/24 to be confirmed

19/11/25 AGM and Open Evening – all welcome to a collections of photos and archive material as well as archaeological ‘finds from the village’

December 24 – no meeting. Christmas meal  date to be arranged.

Everyone welcome, we look forward to seeing you.

Refreshments will be served and everyone is welcome

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The new book is an illustrated history of North Duffield from prehistoric times until the present and is ON SALE at a price of £18.


April 2019 Duke of York Award

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